Andrew Muck, M.D.| Interim Department Chair

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Debbie Fowler| Assistant to the Chair

Robert De Lorenzo, M.D.| Vice Chair of Faculty Development

Steve Moore, M.D.| Medical Director

Daniel Dire, M.D.| Pediatric Emergency Medicine Director

Christina Bird, D.O.| Assistant Medical Director

Craig Cooley, M.D.| Assistant Director and Director of Emergency Medicine Services

William Imsais, M.D.| Assistant Director and Director of the EDOU

Juan Garza M.D.| Assistant Director and Department CMIO

Tara Thompson, PA-C| Lead Advanced Practice Provider

Andrew Muck, M.D.| Vice Chair, Education & Residency



Andrew Muck, M.D.| Residency Program Director

Kaori Tanaka, M.D.| Associate Director

Christopher Gelabert, M.D.| Associate Director

Shane Jennings, M.D.| Associate Director

Steve Moore, M.D.| Wilderness Medicine


Emergency Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education

Judith Knoll, D.O.| Core Clerkship Director

Leanna Dolson, M.D.| 4th Year Clerkship Director

Fabiana Ortiz-Figeroa, M.D.| Simulation Director



Craig Cooley, M.D.| EMS Fellowships Director

Craig Sisson, M.D.| Ultrasound Fellowship Director and Co-Director Ultrasound/Global Medicine Combined Fellowship

Browning Wayman, M.D.| Global Medicine Fellowship Director and Co-Director Ultrasound/Global Medicine Combined Fellowship

Shane Jennings, M.D. | Admin Fellowship

Robert De Lorenzo, M.D.| Research Director

Rose Ramos, Ph.D., MPH| Assistant Director

William Fernandez, M.D.| Assistant Research Director

Stephanie Martinez | Research Coordinator

Genevieve Krackau | Research Area Specialist

Louis Burton, MHA| Associate Director of Finance & Administration

Shawn Varney, M.D.| Medical Director

Veronica Stoller| Managing Director