Emergency Medicine Residents

Bennie Darryl Rush, MD

Bennie Darryl Rush, MD Department: Emergency Medicine
Email: rushbd@uthscsa.edu
Hometown: Madisonville, Tx
Medical School: University of Texas Health Science Center Houston
Undergraduate: Texas A&M University

Ben comes from a small town in East Texas and enjoys all things Texan including excellent barbecue, heritage, and hospitality. San Antonio is an excellent fit with its rich Texas history and combined new growth. Bennie enjoys spending time with his wife and doing activities with her and is planning on expanding his family fairly soon. Bennie also enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and the great outdoors. San Antonio has much to offer in the way of golf courses, proximity to great hunting and fishing locations and many many bike and running trails. Bennie plans on serving the central/south Texas area when he graduates and hopes to one day partner in owning a chain of stand alone ERs. Still, an academic career is not out of the question as teaching has started to show itself a valuable and fulfilling endeavor. Welcome to UTHSCSA EM guys!

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Updated: 2/22/2017
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