Resident resources and facilities

University Hospital At the University Hospital and School of Medicine campus there are ample resources available to Emergency Medicine (EM) residents. Currently the facilities that are available to residents include a sleep/call room, office for residents to use with computers and internet access, 2 conference rooms for both small group discussions as well as larger conference didactics. The ED administrative offices have a small reference library of core EM text books, printer, fax and phones.

The new ED is located on the sub-level of the hospital with direct ambulance access via a large attached ambulance bay and AirLife stationed on the parking tower rooftop with access to the ED via elevators. The new ED will encompass approximately 50,000 sq ft of total space. There will be approximately 80 patient beds available that include a 16 bed critical care/resuscitation room area, a 12 bed fast track, a four bed pediatric space, approximately 40 acute care beds and separate psychiatry and prisoner assessment areas.

In addition, the new facilities that will be available for residents include an expanded locker and break room. A resident study room will contain several computer workstations with internet access that residents can use 24 hours a day, two dedicated EM sleep/call rooms, three conference rooms – two for small group discussions, morning reports and procedure labs, and one large conference room for conference discussions and computer presentations -- a dedicated Chief Resident office with workstation and computers with internet access, and additional lab space to support resident and faculty bench research and specimen processing.

Updated: 12/21/2017
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