Resident Research & Scholarly Activity

All residents are required to participate in a scholarly project and an evidence-based medicine (EBM) curriculum. This curriculum program begins during the first year and is a requirement for graduation from residency. The program involves a monthly Journal Club, where current pertinent medical literature (typically 2-3 articles) are discussed and evaluated with respect to the clinical practice of emergency medicine.

During the second year, residents are required to select a scholarly project. Each resident has several individual meetings with the research director for assistance. The resident must become proficient in the use of information technology to investigate the medical literature that will be presented at the meetings with the research director.

The resident is required to create a written outline of the research project, PI project, clinical pathway development, EBM review, curriculum development or case report and be prepared to discuss it with the research director. The resident will work on the completion of their scholarly activity project under the supervision of their faculty mentor during their PGY-2 (EM-2) and PGY-3 (EM-3) years.

Completion of the scholarly activity project is a requirement for graduation from residency.

Updated: 2/22/2017
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