MS-1, MS-2 Longitudinal Experience

The UTHSCSA Emergency Medicine Program offers a program for medical students of all years in which they can follow a faculty mentor in the ED and participate in all aspects of patient care without the concern of grades or evaluations. For some, it is an opportunity to gain familiarity with the ED environment while for others it is a chance to enhance their clinical skills in a supervised environment. The program is coordinated through the Emergency Medicine Student Association (EMSA) and guarantees that a student will have badge access to the ED, computer access to the server and limited access to the patient charting systems.

Each student is assigned a faculty mentor or a specific one can be chosen by the student if he/she desires. The students coordinate with the faculty mentor to come to the ED during times of convenience and there is no expectation that the student spend a specified number of hours during any one shift or in the program. It is simply an opportunity for students to experience the myriad of clinical scenarios in the ED during a time of his or her choosing and without the added pressure of formal evaluations.

The mentorship program is widely considered one of the most popular clinical programs we offer and the students consistently enjoy the fact that they can participate in the ED experience at a pace which fits their particular needs or education level. On a regular basis, there are students from each class spending time with our faculty and taking advantage of this opportunity.

Updated: 2/22/2017
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