MS-3 Core Clerkship & MS-4 Elective

The entire faculty and staff of the Center for Emergency Medicine is truly excited about working with you during your rotation. Your presence offers us the opportunity to share with you the unique aspects of Emergency Medicine and foster within you an understanding and appreciation of our specialty.

As a University Hospital, Level 1 Trauma Center and large referral hospital, this rotation will provide you with the opportunity to treat patients with a vast array of illnesses. You will meet and provide care to numerous underserved patients who present with acute illnesses and concomitant multi-organ disease. Though admission rates vary, the national average is approximately 18-20% of presenting patients daily, with 4-10% going directly to critical care beds (ICU). Our hospital has 27% admission rate and 20% admitted to ICU/Tele or OR. Care of acutely ill patients with undifferentiated presentations is one of the defining aspects of emergency medicine and we are confident that you will enrich your medical practice through this experience no matter what specialty you eventually choose. Please remember that we consider every patient to be acutely ill until proven otherwise.

As a medical student we will entrust you with many responsibilities and duties throughout your rotation. As with our permanent staff, you are expected to work hard and show up on time for assigned shifts and academic activities and conduct yourself in a professional manner with all staff and patients. We are confident that you will have fun and enjoy this rotation in addition to learning Emergency Medicine.

Shifts – The ED is open 24/7 and has a near continuous, if unpredictable, patient flow. Therefore, the providers of the ED work in shifts of various lengths. You will work a total of ten (10) shifts as a 3rd year and twelve (12) shifts as a 4th year, each of which are eight (8) hours in length. Additionally, you will have time set aside for EM-specific academic conferences held on Thursdays each week. Accordingly, there are no students scheduled to work the night prior to these academic classes.

The shifts are broken down as follows:
Day Shift - 7am-3pm (denoted as "D1" or "D2" on the schedule)
Split Flow 1 - 7am-3pm
Split Flow 2 - 3pm-11pm
Evening Shift - 3pm-11pm (denoted as "E1" or "E2"on the schedule)
Night Shift - 11pm-7am (denoted as "N1" or "N2" on the schedule)

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